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QUESTION: What are the differences between the presets in the collection? 
ANSWER: For a consistent look and style, I like the differences to be minimal in terms of tones, but each preset has a different approach to light. I use the LIFE preset and the NORMAL preset the most, but the others are all used frequently as well. Every photo is different but I can always find a preset that is a good starting point for the different types of light.

QUESTION: Can you share more about each preset? 

Water & Light (CRISP) -- This is a high contrast preset and the one I use most for underwater shots!

Water & Light (NORMAL) -- My go-to preset for everything! It has the tones and light that I love.

Water & Light (FILL LIGHT) -- Yummy tones with a little more fill light and shadow boost.

Water & Light (SOFT) -- I love this preset when the light is strong in a photo. It evens it out and gives a dreamy look and tone.

Water & Light (CLEAN) -- Sometimes you just want the tones and depth and not the matte. This is my favorite preset for strong backlight!

Water & Light (BW CLEAN) -- A dramatic and light-infused Black and White! 

QUESTION: Are your presets a One Click edit? 
ANSWER: Yes, the one-click examples are on the home page of this Preset site. The presets don’t touch white balance or exposure though, so you’ll need to edit those to taste or get it right in camera. I really consider Presets a starting point – they set the style and mood but you of course sometimes want to adjust them a bit.

QUESTION: Do you do edits after applying your Presets?
ANSWER: I like to edit so I often do. My presets are very skin friendly, and I don’t have to do a lot of skin color adjustments unless it’s harsh light or deep underwater photo with color casts. For Lightroom adjustments, I just recommend playing with the areas you see the preset changed. Increase blacks, etc. Photoshop helps with color casts, especially underwater, so I do some edits there if the casts are strong. These presets are huge time savers, though, and I can often get what I want in one click!